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Concerned Mom About Family Wellness

In this video a new mother talks about her desire to have her children grow up and be healthy and strong.

Kids Need Chiropractic Care Also

Kids need chiropractic care as well.  They have developing spines and nervous systems which are crucial for maintaining for a life of optimal health and wellness.

Patient Focused On Her Health

This Patient was in a health crisis and was saved by Chiropractic and Body Work.

Less Headaches And Better Eyesight

LThis patient came into our office with complaints of headaches and found that not only did her headaches improve, but her eye sight improved as well.  As she was suffering from nerve interference that was affecting her head and eyes.

Kids Need To Be Adjusted Too

Let this kid tell you why he gets adjusted.  We love kids!!

My Hip Pain Gone

In this video patient explains how she was dealing with chronic hip pain but was helped through conservative chiropractic care.

Dr. Ries Helps My Neck And Shoulder Pain

In this video patient tells her story about how she was suffering with chronic neck and shoulder pain and Dr. Micah Ries helped her live a more pain-free life.

I Had Arm Pain All The Way Into My Hands

Listen to this patient who was truly amazed that his arm pain was gone after working with Dr. Micah Ries and being under Chiropractic Care.

I Had A Whiplash From An Auto Accident

Whiplash injuries are often sustained in auto accidents and can be the source of a lot of health issues.  Chiropractic is important in the healing process.

I Had Bulging Discs 

Surgery for disc problems does not always need to be a first choice.  Listen to this patient that had her disc problems resolve.

No More Neck Pain

In this video listen to this patient talk about how her neck pain cleared up after being adjusted.

My Blood Pressure Normalized

Can blood pressure be normalized through chiropractic care?  In this video listen to one patients account of decreasing blood pressure with chiropractic care.  Check out the University of Chicago study that shows upper neck chiropractic adjustments lower blood pressure.

I Drive A Truck For A Living And No Longer Have Low Back Pain

This Patient was dealing with chronic low back pain until he found Ries Chiropractic because he does long distance truck driving for a living.

My Headaches Are Gone!

This patient was suffering from chronic headaches. But thanks to regular adjustments at Ries Chiropractic, she no longer suffers from headaches and she feels better than she’s felt in years!


No More Lower Back Pain

Hear this patient tell about how he suffered from lower back pain that extended down into his legs.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

His sciatic nerve pain was severely impacting his quality of life. Ries Chiropractic helped relieve that pain and give him back his life.

Ries Chiropractic Helped Where Others Failed

She tried everything to get relief, including other chiropractors. Ries Chiropractic was the place that finally helped resolve a lifetime of stress-related illnesses.

Migraine Relief

Listen to this patient talk about how she finally found relief for her migraine headaches.

Relief From Digestive Problems

This patient had chronic digestive issues that were relieved when she received regular adjustments and whole food nutritional therapy.

Exposure To Toxins and Chronic Fatigue

Listen to this patient’s story of her exposure to toxins and how that impacted her overall health.

Neck Pain For Years, Gone!!

I had neck pain for years and it was affecting my quality of life.

I Now Sleep Better Through The Night

Because of the pain and discomfort I was in I could not get a good nights sleep and it was wearing me down.

Chiropractic Is Part Of My Regular Health Plan

I initially came to see Dr. Micah Ries because of a specific issue, but after understanding the wide effects that the nervous system has on our health I use Chiropractic to help keep me healthy and active.

Dr. Ries Helped My Neck And Hip Pain

I was greatly helped by Dr. Micah and his expertise in the spine and nervous system.  I was suffering with both neck and hip pain for a long time.

Adding Healthy Years To My Life

Dr. Micah has helped me age gracefully without too much pain and discomfort.  Thank you Dr. Micah Ries.

I Didn’t Need Back Surgery

I thought I was destined for lower back surgery that I really didn’t want.  Conservative chiropractic care save me.

Both Of My Hips Were Killing Me

I had pain in both hips and could barely walk or move.  Now I’ve got my life back.  Thank you Dr. Micah Ries

Low Back Pain Kept Me From Being Active

Low back pain has kept me from being as active as I would like to have been.  At Ries Chiropractic my lower back has been fixed.

Knee Pain Resolved

I had a sports injury and it affected my knee.  Within a few adjustments I was back out on the field.

Asthma Gone And Now Focus On Family Wellness

This patient originally brought her son in because he was having chronic asthma attaches and he hated using an inhaler and nebulizer.   Now they are on the path to wellness.

My Blood Sugar Levels Are Stabilized 

Listen to this diabetic patient that had great results changing her blood sugar levels through whole food nutrition as well as living a chiropractic lifestyle.

Whole Food Nutrition Makes A Difference

Taking a bunch of synthetic or fractionated vitamins can be harmful to your health.  Whole Food Nutrition Makes A Difference.

Arthritis Won’t Get Me Down

Chiropractic has kept my arthritis in check.  I feel healthier and better than I have in years.

Migraines Suck!

Life is so much better and I’m more productive without Migraine Headaches.

I Had No Idea Nutrition Was The Key

I had no idea that a lot of my aliments were stemming from nutritional deficiencies.  Dr. Micah Ries and Ries Chiropractic help me sort it all out.  My energy levels are remarkable.

Major Pain In The Butt

I had sciatic pain all the way down my leg.  It got bad enough where I could hardly sit in a car to drive.  It was affecting my work and livelihood.

Dr. Ries Helped My Frozen Shoulder

I had a frozen shoulder that was associated with a pinched nerve in my neck.  Fortunately, Dr. Micah Ries and Ries Chiropractic specializes in the nervous system.  Now I can move my shoulder again.

Lumbar Spine Pain After Surgery

Dr. Micah Ries helped me with my lumbar spine pain that I experienced after surgery.

Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain And TMJ

LI had it all Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain and Pain in my Jaw.  I never knew it could all be connected.  Thanks Ries Chiropractic.

Chronic Fatigue and Autoimmune Disorder

I thought that I had tried it all and was just getting worse and worse.  Chronic Stress is really the silent killer.


The combination of Chiropractic and Nutrition helped my sinus and allergy issues.

Upper Back Tension And Poor Posture

I carried a lot of my tension in my upper back and it was hard for me to concentrate at work and it was affecting my racquetball game.  I move more freely now and my posture is much improved.