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Supplement Store

We provide a wide variety of top quality supplements to meet all nutritional needs.  Feel free to shop and for specific nutritional needs please contact Dr. Ries.

Whole Food Nutritional Therapy

Only whole food supplements complete the nutritional gap. Whole food supplements are made by concentrating foods for use in supplements.

Cold Light Laser Therapy

It is a light therapy using lasers to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied.

Gentle and Effective chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Ries uses a combination of cutting edge tools and his hands to provide the most comfortable and effective adjustments for your spine and nervous system.

Postural Correction

Our posture is the window to the spine which houses our nervous system, that controls everything in our bodies.

True Cellular Detox

Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before, these toxins can wreak havoc on our bodies and lead to all types of illness.

Cell Well Being

Find out if your genes are geared for expressing optimal health.

Brain Tap Technologies

If you have dieted in the past only to regain weight, or if you eat more under stress or are an emotional eater, BrainTap Technologies uses light and sound frequencies to promote brain fitness.