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Meet Dr. Micah Ries

Dr. Micah Ries received his undergraduate degree in Biology at UCLA. He attended chiropractic school at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, California. After graduation, Dr. Ries continued his studies and obtained certification in both Applied Kinesiology and Whole Food Nutrition.

Today muscle testing and whole food nutrition and supplementation are an integral part of his practice along with decompression and sacro occipital technique. Because Dr. Ries doesn’t just want his patients to be pain-free. He wants them to achieve optimal health. Dr. Ries has a passion for bringing health to entire families, especially children. As a Certified Wellness Practitioner, Dr. Ries strives to provide wellness care for Riverside and surrounding communities as an alternative to sickness care provided by the traditional medical community.

Richard Ries – The Myofascial Master

Richard Ries has a very extensive knowledge of the human body and frame that he has developed over the years through his massage, chiropractic and mathematics schooling.  He incorporates a very healing touch to his work on the facial and muscular system as he addresses the optimal function of the body.  Richards goal is not only to get his clients Feeling Better but truly healing from the inside out.

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